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Gray Matters

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Remy Devereux is a homicide detective at the San Francisco Police Department. She's been working on a murder investigation for a few months and she's been having nightmares about the murder scene.  She's also recently broken up with her girlfriend, Erica, a DA.  

Early in the story Remy is introduced to the new forensic scientist, Giana Falco.  Giana recently turned her life upside down when she decided to move to San Francisco from Philadelphia where her entire family lives.  Giana comes from a family of police officers and moves to San Francisco where she knows only one person, an old college friend, Liz.  

When Remy and Giana meet there is immediate chemistry, however, Giana admits that she is straight.  They begin to spend some time together as friends as Remy shows SF newcomer, Giana, around town.  They begin to grow closer and Remy's friends also recognize the attraction between the two women.  

I was immediately engaged with this story and both characters.  The chemistry between the two was sizzling, however, both kept trying to deny it.  Remy's denial was based on the fact that she had been previously involved with a straight woman and it lead to heartache on her part.  She vows that she will never experience that again.  Giana is in denial since she has only been attracted to men in the past, but it does not take her long to get past that.  

I would say that seventy percent of the book is based on the relationship between these two women with the remaining thirty percent focusing on the murder investigation as well as a family situation that impacts Remy and her family in Louisiana.  

Overall I would recommend this debut novel from Dolores Arden to other readers and commend her for making a successful transition from a full time government career to writing an engaging novel.  I look forward to reading future offerings from this up and coming author,.  

I received an ARC from Bella Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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