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Crystal Grids Handbook

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Before reading this book, I didn't have any knowledge of crystal grids. But I recently purchased some healing crystals and wanted to know more about how to use them. This handbook is a detailed introduction on how to use crystals in specific grids, patterns, and shapes in order to get the most benefit from them. The text is super descriptive and the photographs that go along with the text are colorful and fun to look at. My only complaint is that I still feel like I wouldn't know exactly where to start when setting up grids (especially because the author offers that you need to listen to your intuition in order to know which crystals and which patterns 'speak to you.') However, if readers are just interested in getting some background info on crystals, there's still a lot of helpful information to be gleaned from the book. If readers want more information they might need to speak to a psychic or energy healer for more detailed guidance.

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