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The Stars at Night

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This read was  a very welcome distraction and the perfect book to de-stress for a few hours. The author welcomed you into a world where the beauty of nature soothed the soul and opened the mind to alternative means of enjoying life. 

When Lexie lost her job due to an acquisition, she left the city life she loved in Austin to travel 7 hours to her family’s rustic lodge and restaurant located in the Davis Mountains region of west Texas. Her parents wanted her to stay there with them and her widower brother to help run the place. So Lexie decided to give it a six week trial run until after the holidays. She thought should would be miserable without her friends and the exciting city nightlife, but was surprised by the tranquillity of her surroundings and the beauty found there…including the very helpful park ranger who was also her brother’s best friend. 

The characters were very likable and dealt with realistic problems such as the sudden lot of a job or a loved one. I liked how Kyler and Lexie had meaningful conversations about many diverse topics. I especially loved how the author allowed her characters to get to know each other and develop a strong  friendship while they explored the beautiful mountain setting whether biking, hiking, or driving. Even though Lexie was considered a city girl, she loved learning about her surroundings such as the many different wild animals she encountered during their walks, the beautiful birds that she found eating at the many bird feeders around the area, the mesmerizing night sky of stars and constellations, and the early morning/late night radiant sunrises/sunsets she grew to love. Kyler helped Lexie see the beauty of life apart from what she was used to or familiar with; this opened up a whole new world for Lexie.  I also liked how the author pulled the reader into these scenes with her very vivid descriptive writing. 

Even though the women were attracted to each other, they did not want to cross the friendship line. Lexie wasn’t sure she wanted to remain in this remote area as the friendship developed or if she was ready to permanently let go of her career and city life she enjoyed her entire life. I liked the way the author allowed Lexie to make this life-decision based on how she made other important decisions in her life. She kept it real. 

The secondary characters, especially Lexie’s brother, added to the emotional depth of this story. The support he received from his family and especially Kyler was heartwarming. The only slight problem I had with this story was the late introduction of a young mother and son. I wished they were introduced much earlier to bring a certain character a bit more happiness and perhaps love. 

Overall, this was a beautifully written feel good story. The very descriptive setting, which I loved, will leave you with peaceful thoughts, a sense of tranquility, and a yearning to experience that type of setting in person.  

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