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From the Ashes

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One of the things that Stacy Lynn Miller is skilled at is breathing life into her characters. Even important secondary characters. They all stand up as themselves, and there's never any difficulty remembering who is who. This is as true for Miller's previous book as this one.  In fact, when I read the final passage, my first thought was for the future of a secondary character! Who worries what kind of future the daughter of a criminal will have? Me, apparently.

There is danger here, passion, secrets...all of the things that keep me reading long into the night. But this book wormed its way into me and wouldn't let up. I was quite literally unable to sleep because I was worried about one of the secondary characters - an autistic young man. I had to pick the book back up and finish it just so I knew what happened to him.

Miller wrapped up questions left dangling in the first book that I didn't know I had. There was a satisfying sense of completion and closure, and yet...there is still room for more stories to come from this fictional world. I do hope the author is interested in bringing us more from this made-up world of hers because I'll be among the first in line with my money out.

I enjoyed it that much.

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