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Maybe Charlotte

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Louise McBain has been the sweet surprise of 2020 for me! I absolutely adored Claiming Camille, so I found her first book, Sweet Jane, and loved it too.

Like many readers, this year I've had trouble focusing on books unless there's just something extraordinary going on. I've never been a book-a-day reader, but my normal pace is three a week, and it's just been hard to maintain that this year. 

What sets Louise McBain apart for me is that her books are so funny, but it's not artificially hilarious sitcom dialogue funny. She sneaks in random observations that maybe some readers don't notice, but I found myself chuckling several times. Some terms that have completely new meaning now are Madness, Charlie Pie, The Geoffrey Problem, and Laurel Jaguar. 

I loved the entire cast of characters - not only the MCs Charlotte and Lily, but Charlotte's twin brother Daniel is really a MC too. I couldn't stop envisioning Schitt's Creek's David Rose, and there's some Alexis Rose in Charlotte as well. Maddie, the obsessed ex, and Wellesley and her two house mates all added interest and depth.  This book is set in the same universe as Claiming Camille, and although it can totally be read as a standalone I would highly recommend reading Camille first - I loved it so much.

Thank you Louise McBain for hitting my radar this year!

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