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One Day All This Will Be Yours Signed Limited Edition

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The world is at absolute peace! Because the world consists of only one human being. And he is living at the end of time after surviving the causality war—the war that shattered time itself, making it impossible for events to follow one another linearly, and is determined to never let it happen again. Where, and when, he lives is the ultimate place, and time, that any time traveller from any era can hope to reach. But that travel will be the last, both for the traveller as well as their entire generation, for that is what our hero, or anti-hero, ensures to keep world peace. Now, he has some visitors who are different from his regular visitors from the past, and his paradise on earth and his position as the lone man standing between the past and the future are in danger of getting destroyed.

If my summary of One Day All This Will Be Yours by Adrian Tchaikovsky written above is incomprehensible, it just shows my inability to summarise this magnificent, ingenious, hilarious, compelling piece of science fiction without robbing its would-be readers of the fun I had reading it. I confess that I have not read much science fiction, leave alone those about time travel. But, even with my limited experience, I can say without any hesitation that this one is surely among the best! The author’s imagination of a war fought along the fourth dimension is one of the greatest I have read in the past few years. The character of the narrator, the sole survivor of the war, is complex; he is simultaneously the most scrupulous human being on earth and—to quote another fine character from this book—a misanthropic bastard who does not want to share his heaven with anyone. The other characters, though there are only a handful of them, are interesting too.

Right from the start, this novel catches the reader by the neck and never lets go. The author’s dark humour is worth a lot of laughs. Within less than 200 pages, the author has packed so much that rereading and re-rereading it is the only way to enjoy the multiple layers on display. My only grumble—one powerful enough to dock a star from my rating—with this fantastic tale is about its shortness and its cliff-hanger ending. I would have loved the book to be twice its present length, and the opportunity to follow the protagonist into the heady worlds of time travel. I enjoyed every bit of it and am waiting for the next volume eagerly.

My sincere gratitude to NetGalley, the author and the publishers of One Day All This Will Be Yours for the digital ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.

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