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What Would Frida Do?

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Kieran B, Reviewer

I don't often like it when self-help books try to combine with a narrative; it usually loses the plot and my interest by the 2nd chapter. What Would Frida Do? is a rare exception.

Part biography and part guide book, author Arianna Davis uses the mythos surrounding Frida Kahlo as a touchstone to discuss how to live a life full of more "allegra". She takes the lynchpins of what made Frida and brings the finer details into focus, allowing us to see how the artist coped with different adverse situations and how we can embody some of that same spirit.

This was an audiobook recording, so it was a little unfortunate that the paintings and photographs referenced were not easily accessible, The narration was fantastic though.

"What Would Frida Do?" isn't an in-depth biography or a soul searching self-help guide, but it is an inspirational touchstone that provides inspiration to begin embracing a more colorful life.
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