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The Last Time We Met

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Kaye C, Librarian

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I really enjoyed this light lesbian romance.  Merritt works for Doctors Without Borders and takes her friend Terry for a break after a particularly harrowing experience in Andes of Peru.  They visit Merritt's parents in Australia where her father, a homophobic senator, is working on diplomatic trade.  Playing at a gala hosted by the senator is Austen.  She left her Australia home at 16 and has become an international singing superstar.  Austen and Merritt met once a decade before when she was in medical school.   Austen was a rising singer then and Merritt was treated poorly.  But she has never gotten over the attraction she felt.

For me several things took this book to a higher level that most f/f romances.  Often side characters are props and one dimensional and the romance is between the only two available women.  In this book there are other romantic potentials, a lawyer, a photographer, military medical people.  Merritt actually goes on outings with  another woman.  I enjoyed learning about the work and stresses of DWB.  Austen's character was more a stereotypical singer.  But she acknowledged her past and was willing to date to see where things would go.  At one point a bar bet allows Merritt to show her trust and confidence in the new relationship.  Another author might have turned it into a dramatic misunderstanding.  I also loved Australia as the setting.  When the author mentions a print of a painting I didn't know I instantly looked it up and found the original is in a bar in Melbourne.  Little touches like that enhance the story and romance.  

The story is told from both MC/s POV.  They are both sexy and smart.  They also have both been through a lot in their lives and work which makes them appreciate the importance of a relationship.  I would like to know what happens to some of the side characters but the main story is full and complete.  (4.5 stars rounding up).  Thank you to NetGalley and Bella Books for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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