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Lead Me Home

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If you're looking for a character-driven romance without a lot of action or angst, Lead Me Home is a nice Sunday read.   The novel focuses on the budding relationship between Rose Pruitt, manager of the Campus Cafe and Professor Allison Chandler, a new arrival at the college who is creating a new department of Landscape Studies.  

The relationship and character development is well-paced and I found myself engaged by the two mains and their budding romance.  Although the books was told from both women's POV, there's more of Rose and her character arc as she lets go of the self doubt that is making her question her decision to stay at Jones after graduation. There's a natural build from acquaintances to more throughout the story and; once they get the "more", there's more than enough chemistry built up between the two.  Even when we get to the dramatic external obstacle, the characters withstand the test and are supportive and communicate.  The situation could have been handled with a lot more angst, but the characters felt real and their actions and reactions reflected that.

If anything, I would have enjoyed a bit more on Allison's discipline - I admit that I though Landscape Studies as it sounds like a rather fascinating blend of Humanities and Engineering with more than just studying the gardens of Versailles, but also looking at human's interaction with nature on environmental, economic and other levels. It kind of appealed to the geek in me.

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