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Mercury in Retrograde

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I'm currently obsessed with all things astrology-related at the moment, so I was excited to dig into this one. There's a lot of interesting information about lesser-known astrology events (such as lunar eclipses, new moons, etc.), so there's definitely a lot of value if you're curious about these kinds of things. It was a little harder for me to appreciate the zodiac stuff in the book because I haven't had my birth chart done. I know the book said you can find online ones, but when I tried, I ended up feeling pretty confused. So, I think I would recommend this title only to someone who's already had their natal chart drawn up. Otherwise, you might be skipping large sections of the book that don't relate to your understanding of the zodiac system. The book is written in a casual, fun conversational tone that makes it accessible, but there are still some elements that left me feeling a little bewildered (since they sound almost math-like). Folks who are interested in astrology will probably find this book useful in some way.

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