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Table for Two

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Diane W, Educator

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**'You as a good writer try to write what you write and then either it holds up or it doesn't hold up.There are no rules or particular sensibilities...'

My first time reading something by Kate Gavin and I don't think it will be the only time because everything about this particular story has this feel of both realism and believability -- plus no reader can past on a well written story. 'TABLE FOR TWO' will literally grab you from the beginning to the last sentence -- unleashing a roller-coaster of emotions because of it's pragmatic storytelling. More than anything, 'TABLE FOR TWO' is also a heartwarming read -- where Ms.Gavin help readers to get a glimpse of this natural ability to put words and sentences together to mean something while in another breath she makes them privy to the perspectives of every other important character interacting with both leads (Reagan & Jillian) which was very thoughtful by Ms.Gavin.
The storyline did reveal an unflinching expression of Reagan's vulnerabilities that did make her appear human to readers -- and this unbound celebration of friends & family whether in sadness or life's achievements.
It's during a time where Reagan was struggling with her father's depleting health that she crosses part with Jillian then they got into this heated exchange but this brief moment and a few more interactions did lead to this intense romantic connection. Anger, emotional trauma, misplaced priorities etc. did lead to their break-up but as the storyline progresses few readers might actually see that predictability is in play because of how each felt about the other. Jillian was faced with doubts and inner questions about herself; like how much of who she was or wants to become rests not just in her mind but in her heart and body. So committing to being a better partner and person starts within then trusting to be open for changes in her life.
Overall, this story is also about identity, has a bit about second chances and the courage to starting life afresh.
A highly recommended book!

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