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Table for Two

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Jillian and Reagan meet in a chance encounter over lunch. They DO NOT hit it off initially. Jillian can’t seem to accept genuine kindness and turns up her nose at Reagan. Reagan is just trying to make it through her days the best she can. They soon meet again and are forced to work together when Jillian’s mother hires Reagan’s company to cater a party. Initially, Jillian continues to treat Raegan in a brusque, better than thou manner, but overtime they get to know each other, and Jillian slowly lets her guard down. As they encounter family heartache, work struggles and uncomfortable situations they learn to prioritize each other and navigate a lasting relationship based on trust and patience. 

I really enjoyed this book! This is how adult relationships are supposed to work. Neither Jillian nor Reagan are perfect, but they form a bond through trust, communication, mutual admiration and understanding. It’s a breath of fresh air to just watch something come together so seamlessly. Cheers to Kate Gavin. Well done.

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