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Leaving's Not the Only Way to Go

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No matter who, how or what you are, somewhere, somehow in this universe, there is that someone meant to be just for you. 

Georgia Solomon is autistic. When her pillar of support died, she is left to learn to navigate life without his guidance and be a nurturing parent to her daughter, Hannah. While she grieves and wrestles with a world that does not understand her, Lauren Ashburn stumbles into her life and forms an affinity with her daughter. 

Lauren Ashburn is struggling to live and keep up with the shadows and expectations of her dead father. While back in her hometown, she is forced to attend a grief support group and found Georgia Solomon; whom she made a poor first impression with as one of its attendees. While she does not fancy children, she took a liking to Georgia’s kid, Hannah. 

4.5 stars. The author has done well with her delivery of the interactions between Lauren, Georgia and Hannah. She provided a researched insight of the expressions, behaviours and reactions between the trio as they learn and become a part of each others’ lives. The trio fit, and for what Georgia lost, it’s exceptionally pleasing to see her find support, love and acceptance again. 

I just reviewed Leaving’s Not The Only Way To Go by Kay Acker. Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for the ARC.

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