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Cover Image: Knit Hats with Woolly Wormhead

Knit Hats with Woolly Wormhead

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penny s, Reviewer

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Showcasing Woolly’s unique style, this book has a hat for every member of the family. I suggest knitters jump first to the end and read the section “The Basics”. Here, Woolly explores hat sizing and measuring for a good fit, why not every style is best for every head, the effect of ease, why one size doesn’t fit all, as well as some advice on hair and where on your head to wear a hat, especially if you wear glasses. I wish there were some photo examples in this section, but it’s still quite useful. 

The hat designs are grouped by who might wear them: women, men, and children. I think this distinction is arbitrary and it’s possible to look past that as the sizing covers a range of circumferences for every design. Each pattern includes all the basic information a knitter needs in a clear and well laid out format. If there are special stitches or techniques required page numbers are included so you don’t have to hunt for the technique within the book. With nearly every design there are hints for a successful knit. I’ve relied on Woolly’s tips for grafting in garter stitch for years and I appreciated the clear tutorial provided.

This is a beautiful book that gathers twenty-two of Woolly’s inventive designs into one nice collection. Which designs caught my eye? I want to knit them all. The stunning photographs help.

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