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Words Unsaid

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Fantastic 5th instalment to the Shaken series. 

I was surprised and could not believe that the author gave us another book for the series. Before I delved into this book, I went back to the previous 4 and basked in the love of Anna and Lily once again. For those who have not read the series, the ladies met while trapped under the debris and fallen structure of a mall due to an earthquake. What started as an oven toaster romance grew into a family with kids added into the mix. 

This time around the spotlight is on Anna and Lily’s kids and some changes to Anna’s car dealership empire. What stands out for me in this book is the bond between Anna and Lily. The pair has gone through so much in the previous books yet the love and support that radiates through the pages cannot be contained. Andy, their eldest son who was adopted when his birth mother (Lily’s sister) died, is 16 now. He has eyes on being the successor to Anna’s business but has not quite developed the fortitude and maturity to do so. In this book, Anna has her hands full trying to manage her expectations of Andy and the sale of her empire. Lily, the ever nurturing parent, who has left her career in the sidelines to care for her children and family is finally a judge. You see her at her best, presiding over family matters and no doubt terrorising parents due to her personal experience and knowledge of the system.

5 stars. You cannot miss this series of love, family and life. Although this latest addition does not focus as extensively on the couple, it is a natural progression of their great relationship and a very welcomed update of their family life. 

I just reviewed Words Unsaid by KG McGregor. Thank you NetGalley and Bella books for the ARC.

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