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Words Unsaid

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This is a great family drama that touches on issues that are currently going on today. 
  Anna  Kaklis the owner and CEO of a few BMW car dealerships in California and her wife Lilian Kaklis a court judge.  Together  have three beautiful and amazing children 'Andy who is 16, Eleanor and George who are 10 years old.
  Anna and Andy seems to be butting heads lately. In his eyes he can never do anything right to please his mom. What can I say,  some of us know how teenagers can be when they are trying to fit in and discover themselves.  Without giving too much away. For their annual family trip to Los Cabos for spring break.  Andy asked to remain home then join them a few days later. Lilian talks Anna into agreeing.
   On the day he is due to arrive they're wondering why they haven't heard from him. When Anna got to the airport to pick him up she learned he didn't check in for his flight. This leads his parents panicking and also thinking he was kidnap because of some decisions that were made professionally.
 As the story progress  it really sheds a light on immigration, Ice, politics and what some families might be facing today in this country.  The page turner is beautifully crafted and well written. I recommend 5 stars.

I received an ARC copy from the publisher Bella Books via NetGalley for  my honest opinion.

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