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Words Unsaid

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Going into this book, in my head there was absolutely nothing that the author could do to top the previous books, I told myself that this was just another unnecessary add on to an already perfectly wrapped up series- boy was I wrong. 

This book is a continuation of the Shaken series by KG MacGregor which started as two women trapped in a mall after an earthquake and slowly falling in love. In this book we get a further look into their family.

Everything about this book was perfect to me- from more of my favorite characters to even more character development and to top it all off a gut punch of reality. 

We see Anna struggle with what many parents fail to even notice they’re doing and that is forcing their wants onto their child. She wants Andy to do everything her way and the satisfaction of her facing that adds on to my enjoyment of this book. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve been unable to put a book down and admittedly for the first few pages of this book I had already made up my mind to give it four stars out of my lack of excitement but as I approached the climax of the book I found my self all over the place in emotion. 

As someone who’s previously read up on the topic of ICE methods there was not a doubt about the realism of the story which helped add to the emotions that I felt.

Five stars! My only complaint is that it wasn’t longer because I would’ve loved more parenting scenes with them and their other two kids.

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