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Mika and the Dragonfly

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Do you need a spoiler warning for a kid's book? It's only 17 pages, so I have no idea! But, uh, spoilers? Haha. The artwork in this is absolutely lovely, and there's a good message about being kind to insects and making friends. I'm a little unsure about the method of resolution, though: the dragonfly's wing fell off and the kid ends up gluing it back on.

Adults don't take kid's books literally, of course, but I'd just be sure to tell the kid you're reading this to not to attempt gluing a dragonfly's wing back on. I really worry about the dragonflies, okay?! That's my only nitpick, though. Overall it's a very sweet little book and definitely worth picking up.
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Mika and the Dragonfly is a beautiful book about making friends and overcoming your shyness. The illustrations are beautiful and the message is a ver important one. I feel like some details were a little unrealistic, but, nevertheless, a good book for children.
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Such a darling story! Bits of the verbiage seemed a little overdone for children, but I loved how the little girl found courage through her new dragonfly friend. The illustrations were so lovely and whimsical!
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