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The Five Clues

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A year after the tragic death of her mother Edie discovers something which could change everything.

Setting out on a hunt to uncover the truth through clues that her mother has left hidden only for her. Will Edie be able to uncover the truth about her mothers death or will it prove too dangerous?

This is such a gripping story - filled with adventure but also the reality of grief and loss. How it effects each of us in different ways and the importance of a friend and family who will stand by you no matter what.

Edie is taken on a journey of self discovery as she investigates the truth - and at the end of it all is a realisation that makes her and her family stronger.

This book was one I found hard to put down - I was always looking for that extra 5 minutes to read just a little bit more.
I would highly recommend this book to readers age 11+.

Trigger warnings: loss of family, murder, war.
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