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Swipe Right

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Cathie W, Reviewer

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This book was a difficult read for me, but not because it wasn’t good. Swipe Right has that uncanny ability to tug your heartstrings and make you really feel how lonely Kieran has become since her last relationship from 2 years ago. We also witness how crushed she is when her dates leave her feeling demoralized and even more lonely than ever. Kieran’s only refuge is her best friend Pen, and much of the book is a slow build towards something more than they ever expected or could ever want in a partner. What I appreciate most is the level of respect that’s given to build their relationship to the next level. This author has a knack for observing and translating the human heart and the emotions we tie to it while moving the story through a roller coaster of how Kieran reacts to those emotions. So much more than a standard romance, Swipe Right will be one of my favorites of 2021. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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