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Oh man, the lovely world of online dating! I personally have had good experiences, but I've also had friends like Kieran with TERRIBLE luck. I loved the horror stories in this book, and really looked forward to each date knowing how bad it would be. I'm a masochist, apparently. 

Pen, "don't call me Penelope", was an enigma to me. I struggled at times believing that she could have feelings for Kieran with the way she acted with other women but I reminded myself that some people just aren't into monogamy. I'm with Kieran on this one, and it's hard to change my romantic notion, but some people are wired differently. I feel like the ending of this book really helped me understand Pen better, and appreciated the extra followup. 

Speaking of Pen, I would be remiss to not mention how nice it was that we didn't have a "perfect" human health-wise. I had never heard of the disease she had, and found the way that it was described and dealt with wonderfully done. The fact that Pen didn't want it to be a focus point with Kieran, but also had to clearly change her life because of it, showed me the balance that people with chronic illnesses need to deal with every day. 

Overall, I really like this book and felt like it was unique enough to remember it in a few months.

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