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As readers, we all have our handful of authors that the publication of a new book is an EVENT in our lives. Off the top of my head, Kris Bryant, Lee Winter, and Emily Noyes are on my list. Once I hear of a scheduled book release for those authors (and there are others as well), I begin to look forward to that date and make plans to read it as soon as I get my hands on it. You know the type, you can't WAIT to read it, then you're sad when it's over. Well, Tagan Shepard has now made my list. I was blown away by both of her books last year (And Then There Was Her and Queen of Humboldt). She literally has never written the same book twice and I love that.

I never read a blurb by my favorite authors, so other than this being about online dating (duh, Swipe Right) I had no idea about the rest of it. I was so worried about "spoiling" the surprise that this is a friends-to-lovers story. Imagine my surprise JUST NOW when I read the blurb and learned it's not a secret! Kieran's best friend Penelope actually has a genetic condition that has led her to make the decision to never get into a relationship (I love her disclaimer). I had never heard of EDS so it was fascinating to learn about it. Also interesting to me is how dating apps work.

Tagan Shepard's writing style is so lyrical and lovely and lush that it just draws me in immediately. I love first person and it really works here as we get to experience all the disappointment Kieran feels every time one of her dates is a disaster. This could have been a listing of faux humorous situations, and I'm so glad it wasn't. Her dialogue is witty without being like a sitcom script. Within the lovely writing, Shepard parcels out Pen's back story in increments that resulted in this being unputdownable for me.

The cover of this book is quite eye-catching but it doesn't serve the purpose of the story for me. This isn't your standard pithy light-hearted romance, and the cover suggests. And I'm so glad it isn't. This one will be standing near the top for me at the end of 2021 when I look back on my favorites of the year.

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