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Cover Image: Just Haven't Met You Yet

Just Haven't Met You Yet

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I've now read and loved both books by Sophie Cousens and am officially a fan! Her writing is so funny even while touching on sensitive topics like illness, parental loss and abandonment, and divorce. The MC Laura had high standards for romance and while she got her HEA (no spoilers, it's a romance), it wasn't at all like she'd hoped or expected. I sympathized as she discovered her history wasn't at all like she'd been told. And I laughed so hard at some of the situations she found herself in. The supporting characters were so charming and quirky, especially Gerry and Aunt Monica, and I particularly liked that both potential love interests were decent men and wonderful catches, even if only one was right for Laura. Finally, if you read carefully, you will spot a few Easter Eggs for This Time Next Year!

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