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Thank you to netgalley for allowing me to 4ead the eARC.
As some books, they have their lows and their highs and this is one of these books. I loved the character growth and the emotion that it had with certain parts of the story. The only downside was because its an arc there was bound to have spelling mistakes and some sentences that don't make sense but when it's overall perfect, this would be a good book to sit back and relax with.

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A Feeling Like Home follows Paige, who's parents send her to live in Texas with her older sister after a string of events that result in her eventual arrest. It also deals with her father's Crohn's disease, and Paige's worry that she too may be exhibiting the symptoms of this illness.

I was really intrigued by the premise of this book. Chronic illness is not explored nearly enough in YA literature, so a book exploring this topic was right up my alley. However, this was not the main focus of A Feeling Like Home, and it instead took a back burner to the budding romance between the protagonist and her neighbour, Joey Prince. I somewhat enjoyed Joey as a love interest, but his character, along with most others in the book, felt one-dimensional and flat, and their dialogue was weird and felt unnatural. Additionally, Paige and Joey's relationship felt very 'instalovey', and I didn't really feel their connection on the page. Furthermore, the ending felt extremely rushed and didn't tie up some plot lines as well as I would have liked.

Overall, this book had an interesting plot, but failed in the execution for me.

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