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Red Tide at Heron Bay

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Harley Shephard has only lived in Rockport for a year but in that time she has come a long way from being the  broken woman she was at the first. Having lost her partner Travis,  had taken a toll on  her. Both worked In San Antonio as police officers and their last case involved the hunting down a serial killer that continued slipping away from them. Now here she was after taking up her friend Chief Carrington’s offer on a job in the small town of Rockport. 
   Feeling almost human. Fresh air, living by the bay will do that to a person. Harley didn’t miss the constant cases involving murder. Here she got light cases involving mischief, a few break-ins, nothing involving murder. That was until she got a call from Heron Bay Resorts reporting a break-in but when she got there she had a feeling that this was not the usual.  
    Lauren Voss has been in Rockport for three years now. She’s been coming for years to visit and help her grandparents run their resort but after finding herself alone after a bad breakup with her girlfriend she decided it was time for a move. Now with her grandfather dead and her Nana living in a retirement home the business, Heron Bay Resort’s  was hers to operate. The idea of finding anyone to spend her time with wasn’t anything she wanted a part of. She was happy with her life. That is until someone breaks into the resort causing some damage.
    Ms Hill writes about characters that you can’t help but like and root for. Great plot, nicely paced means another best seller for Ms Hill. Excellent read.
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