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Red Tide at Heron Bay

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I loved this book-it has murder, mystery, creepy dudes, an adorable grandmother and of course wonderful wlw main characters.  We have Lauren who basically grew up in Heron Bay, since she stayed with her grandparent so much growing up, and Harley who is basically a transplant trying to recover from a tragic loss.  I found that I fell for both characters right away, especially Harley since she got under Lauren's skin from day 1 and thereafter just loved to bug the heck out of her.  Both characters are very well written, you just feel for both of them more and more as the story goes along.  

One of the best things I love about Ms. Hill's writing is she takes the time to describe the environment and surroundings within the story, not so much as to stall the storyline but more to enhance the feeling of really being there with the characters (someday I want to visit Rockport)-in my mind's eye I really do have a feel for what is going on and where, even down to picturing wild Hawaiian shirts.

Ms. Hill does a wonderful job of blending mystery with a love story (reminds me of Devil's Rock and Hell's Highway) and she did it justice again in this book.  It is not over the top graphic but just the right amount to really understand what Harley is seeing and feeling, which has her being pulled back to her past that she has tried to overcome.  I find Ms. Hill is a master at blending this kind of genre (mystery/love story) that keeps the reader so engaged (I started the book and when I looked up again hours had past that I didn't even realized I was that engaged with the story).

I look forward to many more stories from Ms. Hill, she is always an auto buy for me when she publishes-It would be so cool to someday have a story that has Andrea and Cameron, CJ and Paige, Tori and Samantha have a reason to come to Heron Bay Resort to work a case with Harley and Lauren-a girl can dream can't she <smile>

I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, but would have written the same opinion if I had come across this author on my own.

To see my Amazon review, it is under CC-Mystery and love-another HIT from Ms. Hill

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