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Red Tide at Heron Bay

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Gerri Hill is a master storyteller; readers always look forward to her new books. Why? Because she’ s in a league of her own when it comes to blending romance and crime. Red Tide at Heron Bay is no exception. It’s the perfect mix of romance, crime, and drama. What’s more, it has a light-heartedness to it that makes it quite fun.

The story grabs readers’ interest immediately. Vandalism on Lauren Voss’s family’s resort prompts Lauren to call the police, and Detective Harley Shepherd is sent to investigate. Lauren is hardly impressed with Harley during their initial meeting and she promptly writes off her sleuthing abilities. Harley pays no mind to it though, setting up the tone for this romance perfectly. Readers immediately see they are in for some good back-and-forth, because the spark—it’s undeniable.

Relationship development is something Hill excels at, and it’s at work big-time with Lauren and Harley. These two showcase her knack for making relatable and likable couples. Readers need no convincing that these two leading ladies belong together. Lauren and Harley have baggage, but that’s what makes them so appealing. Lauren is cute but a tad serious. Harley is all charm and easy-going nonchalance. When the two interact, Harley seems to step in it, and it causes Lauren to bristle. Or eye roll. Or lose patience. Readers see it for what it is, though: a budding romance. And when Lauren and Harley see it, too? Well, that’s when things get interesting.

Final remarks….

Hill has written over 30 novels since she began penning them in 2000, yet her stories are always fresh. Red Tide at Heron Bay is another fine example of this. The storytelling is meticulously plotted and the romance is interwoven with intrigue, drama and mystery. Clever little clues are nicely dropped, making it all quite compelling. All and all, this is an engaging, entertaining read, top to bottom. A big thumbs-up all the way.


Engaging plot
Fun romance
Likable characters
Entertaining read
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