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Beyond the Smoke

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Beyond the Smoke is the third novel in “The Manhattan Sloane Thriller” series by Stacy Lynn Miller. I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this story ever since I finished the second book in the series. I loved the first two novels, but I think this one might be the best yet.

The third book continues the story of Manhattan Sloane, Finn, Reagan, and Eric fairly soon after the second book ends. Sloane and Finn have started their own private investigation firm hoping to leave behind the danger their former law enforcement occupations put them in. Unfortunately, danger follows them like smoke from a fire. They can’t seem to get away from it.
This story is both a character and plot driven tale. The mystery and intrigue portion of this tale is extremely well-written and kept my interest throughout the novel. What really drew me to this book as well as the first two novels are the characters. I became invested in Sloane, Finn, and all the secondary characters in book one, and that investment has only increased with each novel since. I’ve enjoyed all the mystery, excitement, action, and intrigue in the plots of these books, but I’ve fallen in love with these characters, and want to know what’s happening in their lives. This is the mark of an exceptionally talented author.

All three novels tell a continuing story of these characters lives, so I don’t believe Beyond the Smoke would make a good standalone novel. Having read all three books myself, I can highly recommend you read all of them in order. I was a little afraid this was the last book in the series, but I heard from the author in a recent reading that she plans to write at least one and likely two more Manhattan Sloane novels. I confess, I did a little happy chair dance when I heard this. I’m glad none of you were here to see that. Go read these books so you’ll be ready and waiting for the next one with me.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.

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