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Illusion Lake

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Bonnie S, Reviewer

Excellent read. Simply put, it is one of the best crime books I’ve read this year. To be honest I’m having a hard time writing this mainly because ‘Illusion Lake’ offers us a very nice romance, mystery combination that takes a few twists and turns.
Main characters Elliott Snowmaker and Kiva Park are great together. Elliot comes into an inheritance from her great uncle. She travels from Tronoto to New Mexico where her great uncle has lived for years. Having spent little time with him when came north to visit with Elliott’s grandmother. Nanny was the only one who stood with, not knowing that in his way he was also standing with her. Having run into a bit of trouble with an ex, and losing her job traveling was a nice distraction for her. Little does she know her inheritance involves much more than Elliott had first thought.
Kiva Park was living and working at her fathers small law practice looking after. Her life was also in Canada and she was only here while her father recovered from an illness. Having spent time in the community when she visited her father she kind of knew how things worked. Mostly the job involved divorces and small case’s that normally lasted only a day or two. She was very surprised when Elliott came to see her, or I should say her father, to go over her great uncle's will.
The attraction they had for each other was right from the start. Little did they know that this pretty easy case would lead them to fighting a much bigger situation where people who Kiva thought she knew would turn the small town upside down. Now it’s up to Elliott and Kiva to keep themselves and the community safe. Excellent read, by an author who obviously put in some time and I imagine a fair amount of research Well done. Very, very good.
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