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Illusion Lake

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I absolutely loved this story! Five stars! 

This book follows the story of Elliot Snowmaker and Kiva Park. Elliot’s great uncle recently passed away and leaves everything in his will to her and Kiva is the one executing it. Little do they know that this is about to put them on a journey of crime and love. 

I’m not gonna get too into the plot because I wanna keep this as spoiler free as possible due to my firm belief that the book is more enjoyable that way. 

That being said all I’m gonna say is this plot is definitely one of a kind and I cannot express how much I loved the detail. It’s been a while since I’ve read such a complex story of “who, what, where, why?”.
Sheryl Wright has the amazing ability of avoiding predictably. This is such a well thought out book with an amazing execution. With lovable characters, shocking plots and heartwarming moments I will definitely be reading more from this author. 

The challenges that main character, Elliot, faces are so constructed and detailed. Elliot herself is such a lovable character. The author did an amazing job at making us feel just how passionate she was about the things she loved and that included planes! Before reading this book not only did I know nothing about planes but I had not a care for them yet in this book I ate up every single detail about them. Not to mention she’s such a cute character, there’s a moment in this book where a journal entry of hers is read and I could not help but fall even more in love with her. 

With everything that this character has been through I cannot express the satisfaction of her ending. 

Then there’s the other main character, Kiva. While we don’t see as much of her or get as much of a feel of her character as we did Elliot, this character’s passion for the law was also compelling. As someone who wishes to study law the author again managed to impress me.

So, do I recommend? Hell yes! 

Compelling writing, mysteries and lovable characters that are sure to never leave you bored, what’s not to want? 

The book cover could use a bit more work though, not very appealing. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for the arc in return for the honest review!

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