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Simply the Best

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This story really had me confused. I was gripped - adored the main characters, even the ones I really shouldn't have liked had me imagining things. It tells so many stories, of battling our inner monsters, of dealing with workplace politics that have unfortunately encapsulated patriarchal means beyond their "male" influences, of finding an escape, of dealing with a truly horrendous part of history, of being happy and true. 

Simply The Best scream Devil Wears Prada to me in many beautiful ways. It adds a complexity of questioning the norm and challenging power that I really admired, demonstrating how changing pathways can lead to reaping unexpected benefits and finding happiness in the midst of drama. Letting go is therapy and it's okay to say no. 

The lesbian romance to this story becomes a bit of a backdrop to the drama of workplace politics and how the book demonstrates the importance of upholding our values and believing in ourselves, whatever the world is hurling our way. But in those moments that romance does shine through like the brightest ray? WOW. It makes it so much more powerful than a continuous fluff ride (and trust me, I love the fluff). 

I was hesitant at the early mentions of pandemic life - I've used reading as an escape from the apocalyptic time we've had. But, actually, combined with the thoughtful portrayal of living with a few unwelcome internal monologues, spectating on a miserable reality for so many people, and battling constant unworthiness, it made me appreciate just how much the past few years has hit me and just how important it is to keep loving.

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