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Peel Prim grew up being obsessed with spy movies and shows. Now a librarian, her spy dreams and living a life of danger and adventure are long forgotten. That is until Peel makes a call to a library in Mexico asking for some information about someone in her family tree. Peel's life is turn upside down when she is beaten, kidnaped and wakes up in the house of a drug lord somewhere in Mexico. Her only chance of keeping herself alive and leave this nightmare behind is in the hands of Anna, an American associated of the drug lord. But when lines blurred and their lives are at stake, someone might not only lose their heart but also their life. 

This book was unexpectedly great! It started a bit slow but oh boy, did it pick up pace and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

This was a great story all around. Sure there was romance and it was great, sweet, sexy. But also, the whole story and mystery that involved the drug lord and Peel's ancestry was just too good. The book was balanced, very well written and it kept you attention all the way until the very last page. Both characters, Anna and Peel, were very strong independent women, and it was a joy to find out about their lives, their strengths and weaknesses. The secondary characters were also interesting and added to story, added context and layers. 

It was definitely a joy to read this book. It delivered on adventure, action, intrigue, mystery and romance. 

I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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