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For millenniums, every Guardian is paired with her ordained Arima (soulmate) so they can fight alongside each other and protect their assigned Rift (station) and Lur Ederra (home) from the Darke (enemy). Every Sword has her Shield but for Luna, her close to a century wait took a shocking turn when Gia turned up in Human form and was engaged to her fiancé. 

For a debut writer, this is an impressive entry in the fantasy genre. Her portrayal of the different realms, their birth and history made every different species of beings convincing and intriguing. As it was so easy to be wrapped up in the book, a lot of hearts will be going out for the patient, pure and tender hearted Luna who has been fighting a lonely battle without her Shield. Gia was indignant in her right to continue in the Human realm, forsaking her destiny and was careless with Luna’s affections. Although it was difficult to condone her wilfulness, Gia took a steep learning curve to find answers and peace with her past and choices. Brilliant effort on the content, characterisations, settings and when you get to the end, it really is just a romantic tale where you would choose the same person/being again, with or without a choice. 

I just reviewed Guardian by Jen Lawrence. Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for the ARC.

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