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The Convincing Hour

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Every now and again, if you are lucky, an educator will truly see you and nurture your thirst for knowledge. The Convincing Hour speaks to this truth. Story Black is a brilliant fifteen year old with a narcissistic mother who is both a genius and addicted to meth. Word on the street is that there is a school for exceptional children. It helps you to have the best education you can now as well as gain an admission to a top tier college or university. The only thing is you cannot apply for it. They will find you at the Lakeview Juvenile Detention Center. Story has no choice but to commit a crime to do the time.

Ann Roberts uses her background as an educator to create a Shangri-La-esque story. It takes a realistic look at under privileged youth and their dismal chances of reaching their full potential.

This YA novel can be enjoyed by any age group with lessons to be learned all the way around. Story Black is a character you easily like and you root for her dreams to come true. Robert’s writing brings you quickly into the story. The first four sentences of the prologue did it for me.
“ Whap! When I shoved Paige’s scrawny, bulimic body against the gym locker, it felt good. I won’t deny it. Just givin’ her a little taste of Newton’s First Law, the one about goin’ along until you meet a force.” It is a perfect balance of description, attitude, action and leaving you wanting to know why. Robert’s master class in writing has just begun.
The prologue is a mini masterpiece unto itself. The writing is purposeful and thoughtful to dramatic effect. The rest of the novel is pure Robert’s at her best.
This is a novel to be read and talked about. It should be on everyone’s must read list for 2021.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review.
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