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The Brazen Bluestocking

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Thank you, NetGalley for the chance to read and review The Brazen Bluestocking by Tracy Summer!

The Brazan Bluestocking came out last year in September and is published by WOLF Publishing. I'm fond of regency romance novels, but something felt oddly familiar about this book. I checked out Tracy Summer on Goodreads and found that this was the second novel I'd read by her (the first being The Duke is Wicked which I received from Book Sirens).

While I'm still starting The Wicked Wallflower in this series, I'm not sure if Tracy Summers is my favorite romance writer yet. Something about this was good, but also made me slow down significantly and I'm not sure if I like that in my romance novels; I prefer my mind being on vacation while I read these. I am still starting a third book by her, so clearly she's pretty good. I bounce between romance writers and I don't think I've read more than 2 books by the same writer (the second one can never hold my interest for very long), so the third book thing is significant to me.

That being said, the plot was good, the twists kept coming, we had a very interesting main character, and I would love to learn more about Mattie in the upcoming books. A lot of regency romances includes a lot of cattiness between some of the female characters, this one was more wholesome, and it had an actual cat.

I'm not going to comment on what I got from NetGalley, mostly because I used my KU subscription to also read this, I figured that would help the author more!

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