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Cover Image: Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace

Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace

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Ainun Farhan Z, Reviewer

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This was such a great read! I loved loved loved it. It begins with showing us a regular household, Nenek Tata and Nenek Jantan going about their day. Then, the news of an incoming storm causes changes of plans. Nenek Tata decides to fetch crabs ensnared to eat at dinner but as soon as she reaches the spot, she can feel something is wrong. The forest is too quiet meaning - danger is approaching. Leaving everything behind, she runs for her life. Will she be able to escape the danger or fall victim to a terrible fate?  There's a twist at the end. It was predictable but still made me laugh out loud. The illustrations are realistic and beautifully capture the vibes. Highly recommended ❤️

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