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E. J. Noyes never disappoints. Period. She is an amazing storyteller and her stories are always top shelf. Why? Because she understands the power of a story. She knows how to creatively and effectively use her words to evoke joy, surprise and fear on the page, and she does it with such finesse, readers can not turn away. The emotions drive her storytelling, leaving her readers engaged every step of the way.

Go Around is another fine example of this. She sets the stage for drama in the first exchange between her two female leads and readers are hooked. They feel the heat between the two ex-lovers and they want more. When things turn dicey and Avery has to do her job and protect Elise, readers know they are in for another “go around” and they happily buckle up for it.

Second chance romances can sometimes come off as a bit contrived, but Go Around is solidly constructed and far from contrived. The idea that Avery and Elise meet again on a plane in neighboring seats after 15 months of no contact is plot perfect, symbolic even. After all, they met originally on a plane while Avery was working as a Federal Air Marshal. It all works to give the narrative weight and significance. Furthermore, it sets the narrative up for what’s to come.

Noyes sells the reconnect and rebuild of Avery and Elise’s romance with scenes that are emotionally honest and raw, scenes that allow each character to voice the frustration, disappoint and pain of their first relationship. These scenes are poignant and filled with a truth that fits their story. Noyes pulls the curtain back on the ugly; nothing is glossed over and it’s refreshing to see. This ultimately gives credence to the possibility of healing and reconnecting. Furthermore, it levels things so love has a chance.

Avery and Elise are great characters; they lend a real personality to the story that readers find very appealing. They are strong, competent and capable women with substance and charm. Both of them come across as sympathetic and readers easily connect with them. They are flawed and wounded women, but still so obviously in love, and there’s something powerful about that. What’s more, their sexual tension is off the charts and perfectly penned. Readers can not get enough of that.

However, this book is more than a romance. It contains well-crafted dramatic elements that give readers more than enough thrills and chills to keep them on the edge of their seats. The climax is intense, but the ride back into HEA is well-worth the nail biting. It all comes together neatly, leaving readers satisfied and a little sad the ride is over.

Final remarks…

This is a solid romantic thriller. The character development is well done and believable. The plot is intense and well planned. On top of that, the romance is nicely woven into the plot, making the storytelling very engaging start to finish. The combination of these literary elements make Go Around a fantastic read. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to lesfic fans, especially those that like heavy doses of heart pumping action, because this one is all of that.


Nicely paced and plotted
Thrilling and dramatic
Likable, believable characters
Nicely developed sexual tension
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