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Beyond the Blue

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Anne M, Reviewer

I believe this is TJ O’Shea’s first book and I genuinely hope many more follow if this is an indication of her writing style and imagination. This is an excellent book with rounded, likeable characters who behave like human beings, mistakes included. Morgan is a cop transferred on to a cold case squad and Mei is a pathologist. They work together and find a friendship and maybe more. Morgan is sure but Mei has only two years since she lost her husband of 30 years. Mei knows this feels good but is that enough and then there’s the age gap…

The age of the characters was a big plus for me. It’s great to have women who aren’t in their 20’s. To have women who stumble and aren’t always entirely honest with each other or even themselves. The contrast between the exuberant, positive Morgan and the quiet, private Mei is perfectly captured. The ancillary characters add great depth to the main relationship - especially Ruiz - and help give explanations and assistance the main characters journey.

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