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Beyond the Blue

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Diane W, Educator

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**'What makes for a really good writer is that they love writing -- where everything can nourish with their storytelling like a new word, the dictionary, an encounter, a book even a phrase learned...'

An auspicious read! (4.5stars!)
A rich and an enchanting romantic love story that tells the tale of an attraction between two people that is so deep that they both needed to realize being committed to their relationship is better for the long haul because in truth their bond & Love can surely be one sweet ride. The narrative approach of 'BEYOND THE BLUE' do encompasses everything a reader looks for in a story whether a debut or seasoned:- it's well paced, has a steady tone, suffused with many moments of amusing sense of humor, very good character development, a host of different friendships & family dynamics, spectacular storytelling, very good sexual chemistry, intimate & intense interaction plus even great dialogue.
Furthermore, an utterly compelling drama with this undercurrent of family complications and past traumatic experiences that is at it's core, 'BEYOND THE BLUE' is definitely a brilliant, alluring and well written story.
It's also an absorbing story that will keep readers involved and glued to each sentence, chapter and paragraph until the very end.
A highly recommended book!
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