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Beyond the Blue

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Sam d, Reviewer

I believe this book is TJ O'Shea's first foray into the wonderful world of romance and the author did an amazing job. I consider this as much a story about finding love as a story of letting go.

Morgan seems a bit too good to be true, loyal to a fault, super cheerful, and ready to help everyone. She is a really fun character to get to know, she has a depth you don't often see in these sunshine-type characters. Mei is older and a bit colder, I wouldn't call her an ice queen per se, but compared to Morgan she is one. Actually, anyone is an ice queen compared to Morgan. They meet by chance, but for Morgan, it's clear from the get-go Mei is "it". Together they are a seemingly perfect match. Morgan coaxes Mei out of her shell and their chemistry is great. I'm not the biggest fan of age gap and this is a significant gap, 20 years, but the issues I normally have with this trope don't exist in this book. They are each other's match. Morgan suffers from abandonment issues from her troubled past, a past she sugar-coats by the way. And Mei has a hard time of letting go of her dead husband, not the man per se maybe, but at least the rituals, the everyday normalcy.

This book is very moving and the author wrote some beautiful lines about loss and dealing with it. And the void, but also what comes after the void of losing someone, opening up again for love, and to start fully living again.

This book is really moving and I am happy we are taken on a long journey with the characters.
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