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Beyond the Blue

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Oh my goodness! What a sweet amazing read this book was!
Dr. Mei Sharpe - introvert, does not suffer fools, misconstrued ice queen and recent widow meets Lt. Morgan Kelly - helpful to a fault, sunshine, happy go lucky and secretly hiding from abandonment issues. Fates conspire to make them meet repeatedly and thus emerges a delightful tale about love, relationships and fighting through your demons and grief.

This is a character focused book and I really liked how the book was able to delve deep into the makeup of these two. Mei’s introverted-ness and obliviousness is captured so well, it’s scary how well I identified with that character. Morgan at the surface being such a happy affable personality was so easy to like and in the end turned out to be the most complex. All of this was written so well, each chapter felt like the peeling of an onion and unraveled hidden complexities underneath.

As each part of their relationship evolved, I found I couldn’t put this book down. Each mini situation / moment was filled with a mix of witty banter, dry sarcasm (Mei) affection, emotional confessions and totally made this a page turner.
This is a “late coming out” story as well, and I liked how it wasn’t made to be a big deal. There was no angsty crazy and the processing was managed like the mature adults they were. So refreshing! ☺️

Throughout the storyline there is that shadow of grief pursuing both the MCs and while it isn’t overt, it does make its presence known at certain moments and I thought all of that was so gently handled and written, it made the angst portion really powerful (read: lots of feels and heart wrenching at its best).

Lastly kudos to O’Shea for representation. I love it when authors introduce characters of color, ethnicity, body types and gender. It makes the story so much more real and I really appreciate the effort that goes into that.

As a debut book this is absolutely fantastic and will probably end up in my re-read pile. 4.75🌟s

Thank you Bella Books, TJ O’Shea and Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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