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Beyond the Blue

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Celina H, Reviewer

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A beautiful story indeed. The book is well written and the events are so carefully planned that it was very moving. There were moments that really touched me, my kindle copy is full of highlights. The scenes were so emotionally and beautifully written, I had to save them for reminiscing purposes. I am a suck for angst and emotional wreckage and I tell you, this was such a dose, I am still blissful. Chapter 17 ruined me and Chapter 21 built me whole again. 

All in all, the book was tremendously heart touching. The connection between the characters was written to perfection. What i loved the most was how honest-to-life their flaws were also written. Damn work of art. The first part of the book is cheerful and cute and sweet and the middle part wrecked me, the final part, was such a sweet close-up. One could bow to it. That serenade was so sweet and the dance afterwards…. truly beautiful. 

On the other note, I still didn't get the 3rd revelation, I don't know if i missed but, I am still curious. Second note, between the first and middle part, it got slightly slow.. you know the process when characters fall into a routine that one would do without, BUT after you read the WHOLE book, the can you finally see the purpose of it. But that is an after-effect.

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