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Beyond the Blue

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Teddy T, Reviewer

I was really impressed by this debut novel from T.J. O’Shea. She is masterful with metaphors. I was drawn in by the characters individual stories and held by their romance. Two thirds of the way through it dragged a bit but I liked the direction it went in the end and how mature the MCs were, which especially makes sense since one is 55. This is a great age-gap romance, sunshine/grumpy trope, and also a different perspective on the police force. Highly recommend!

I highlighted so many lines, but one of my favorites was: “I’m so painfully attracted to you I’m pretty sure it’s the reason being gay is a punishable crime in so many countries.”

Short Summary: Mei is a recently widowed medical examiner who has not one but two chance encounters with the gregarious detective, Morgan before realizing this woman may be worth a third glance. After a slow courtship and lots of soul searching, can the two overcome life’s challenges and be together?
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