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Jenny O’Toole has worked as a corporate lawyer and she just doesn't like it. Probably because her boss Michael is constantly after her to do more. Only 24 hrs a day but he expected her there, always. That was where she was when her BF Davis needed some help when artist Blake Harrison had told him that she was going to pull her show from the gallery where Davis worked. Seems the wall’s, light, etc weren't what she wanted. He needed Jenny to review the contract Blake had signed.
Blake Harrison worked herself to the top of the art world. Not an easy job for any artist but one she plans on keeping. Now she has Jenny to contend with. Didn’t help that Jenny was beautiful and Blake has promised to not start any relationship or even one-night-stands. But as time passed both women couldn’t help but reach out for the other.
Now some lack luster artist Ned was trying to steal her show telling everyone who'd listen that Blake stole the concept from him. With the date set for Blake to make her way back to NY Jenny now has the job of trying to fix the problem. But she knows Blake will be leaving soon.
This is Ms Sapphire’s first book and she has done a remarkable job writing a story with interesting characters following a smart plot. Simply a very nice read.
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