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Blake is an installation artist on the cusp of becoming famous while Jenny is a junior partner in a law firm who hates her boss and her job. They meet when she is called to the museum where Blakes has threatened to walk out and not install her creation. Jenny is sure the artist is just another diva and is ready to read her the riot act about violating contractual obligations.

Sapphire has created two intelligent and strong characters who are very nearly antisocial because they’re too busy hiding from life by overworking, whose lack of self-esteem threatens to drown them, who both want someone who truly sees them for who she is. They both deny their attraction to one another and very nearly sabotage their relationship by over-thinking everything. They finally get over themselves near the end of the book.

This book has writing that is excellent, pacing that makes reading deep into the night a delight, and a storyline that is unique.

The ending seems rushed and a bit too easy considering the amount of conflict they’ve each caused for most of the book.

However, if you enjoy books where the characters seemingly have nothing in common, but manage to fall in love anyway, this book is for you. If you love books where the conflict is more soul searching than angsty, this book is for you.
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