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Legacy in the Blood

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Sam d, Reviewer

After the last book in the Chiara Corelli mystery series, I wasn't sure Maiorisi would write another, but I am very happy we get to continue our journey with these two detectives. This is book 4 in the series and I highly recommend reading the previous three before embarking on a read of this one. The character development over the course of these books is something to behold.

Maiorisi doesn't shy away from sensitive subjects, not in the previous book nor in this one. In this book, we read about the harsh realities of racism, white nationalism, and family loyalties. To only name a few. The story, as its characters and the mystery, are layered. The author does a great job of writing in new clues, new hints, tying up loose ends, and handling the delicate subjects with care.

I won't say anything about the case, it's much better read about in the book. I will say something about the characters. Where the previous 3 books were all centered around Chiara Corelli in this book we get more of an insight into P. J. Parker. I love how layered these characters are and how they are evolving from book to book. Parker's hesitancy towards the changing Corelli is understandable and relatable. And most of all, everything is just handled with so much care and thought. You can't help but love these crime-fighting ladies.

I can't wait for another book about these detectives, their colleagues and their loved ones.
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