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Two Knights Tango

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Anne M, Reviewer

Marisol Soltero is a brilliant character and I’m so glad that Ms Shepard has brought her back for another book. Governor Sabrina Sloane also reappears but the relationship between the two women is not bringing joy for either. In the mix we add Tyler who’s a cop trying to get on top of a human trafficking ring. Tyler likes Sabrina and thinks Marisol is a common crook. Sabrina knows Marisol is not a crook but cannot really defend her.

There are some brilliant scenes which I won’t describe in case I spoil things but I will say that the scene leading up to Marisol needing a new door on her office was really well written and paced and made me smile. Good writing, pacing, intrigue, and some humour… how could you not enjoy this?

I’m hoping Ms Shepard continues to develop these adventures, including Tyler. The ancillary characters are crucial to the narrative as they show the true Marisol. An example is her interaction with Mel and Helena. Also it isn’t all sweetness and light, because life isn’t but the ending is satisfying and wraps everything up nicely.

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