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Two Knights Tango

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Bonnie S, Reviewer

I, like many of you, couldn't wait for the next installment of “The Queen Of Humboldt’. Well it’s finally here and what a great read.
Marisol Soltero is back where she belongs, Chicago running her business while also working with the government trying to take down the ‘Bishop’. He’s still going strong and now he’s targeting the young women in Marisol’s territory. Now she has to try to stop him while her anger against Sabrina Sloane continues to grow.
Sabrina has come back to Chicago but instead of coming back to Humboldt she goes to the governor's mansion where she’s trying to find a way to return to the woman she loves without putting Marisol in danger. Now that she knows what Marisol is actually doing under the cover of a gang leader.
When Sabrina meets an agent working with the NHS and she’s after the person responsible for the disappearance of so many young women. She’s hoping Sabrina will help her but Sabrina isn’t sure she should. Special Agent Tyler seems to think Marisol is the one running the operation which sends these women into a life none want to be a part of.
I really love Ms Shepard’s writing but when she’s writing about Marisol Sabrina and their lives she goes to another level. Couldn’t put ‘Two Knights’ down. I'm pretty sure Ms Shepard is already thinking about ‘what happens next’. To these characters. Excellent read.
ARC via NetGalley/ Bella Books
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