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What would you do to save humanity? Would the answer change if you lived every day with the consequences of your mother’s actions -- that caused the ruin of many scientific careers? What if her actions set you on a collision course with your genetics and the answer that might save the world? 

Set in a realistic near future, we follow Logan as he struggles to adapt to sudden and painful genetic modification. In Crouch’s trademark style first seen in Dark Matter, we feel the angst of a man struggling with extreme change and ripped from the comforting routine of a life he held dear. The separation from and love for Beth and Ava drives Logan throughout the novel. He finds he now has the ability to make sense of the past, his past, and hopes that clarity will help him fix the future.

This novel, like Dark Matter and Recursion before it, is full of technical details sure to delight science fiction fans, especially if they enjoy stories about genetics and biology. You don’t need to be an expert in current technologies or CRISPR – the scientific prose is written in an approachable manner. There’s a sliver of thriller to help drive the story. While the ending isn’t a complete surprise, as with Crouch’s earlier novels it will take the reader on a fun ride.

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