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Cover Image: The Roads Left Behind Us

The Roads Left Behind Us

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Eiver L, Reviewer

I wasn't expecting to love this book at all. First of all, this was exceptionally well-written. The characters had depth and I like how Kate's character had much complexity that made her seem mysterious and distant.

From what I've observed, there's not much happening on the outside other than Kate and Callie as the story mainly focuses more on their relationship and how they're going to move past certain obstacles. Also, I think that what hindered Kate from accepting that she wants to be with Callie is the age difference and their almost prof / TA situation but then a specific circumstance had pushed her to finally decide that she wants to be with her and I think that the former I was talking about was kind of unneccessary since both of them can remain professional in their workplace so I didn't quite see what's the reason why they shouldn't be together ASAP.

Other than that, in all actuality, this book's the kind of book you want to read at a slow pace to fully immerse and enjoy yourself. I find it lovely and delightful, despite the little angst, and I can't wait to read more books from this author.
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